The Crank Starter provides a clean signal boost without changing the tone or compressing the sound of your guitar. It’s based on a well proven JFET circuit that’s configured to mimic the tonal respnse of a preamp tube. So it’s like having an extra tube stage in the preamp section of your amp. Any setting above 11 o’clock on the volume control will provide boost. Like all our pedals, the Crank Starts has turret board construction with top quality components. The capacitor is paper/oil and all the signal resistors are carbon composite for that high quality amp tone. The Crank Starter runs on a 9v battery or a centre negative DC supply and it’s true bypass.

The Us/Uk switch has a subtle effect on the midrange. The Us setting has slightly recessed mids with strong bass and treble. The Uk setting brings the midrange forward for a slightly thicker tone. The Flat/Sweet switch alters the high frequency response, much like the Miller effect of a tube. The Flat setting provides the flattest treble response while Sweet gives you a bit more treble. There’s a middle position too with no treble roll off at all. This works really well if you need a bit of extra treble sheen from a dark sounding amp.