The Drive Thru can take you from a clean boost all the way to seriously crunchy overdrive. The Gain, Tone and Volume controls are wide ranging and interactive, so a bit of experimentation is needed to explore this pedal’s full range of tones. There are two operating modes – Ge (Germanium) and Si (Silicon) with a switch on top of the box.

The Si (Silicon) setting can do clean boost too, but crank up the gain and it’s more driven and crunchy. Si is particularly effective at low amp volume levels when you need the feel and sustain of a cranked valve amp. The Tone control behaves like the Presence control on tweed and Plexi type amps so don’t be surprised if you have it set below half way most of the time. The mids are very slightly scooped - more Class AB compared to the Class A tones of Ge mode.

The Ge (Germanium) side is sweeter than the Si side with thicker and more textured mids, but you won't get massive amounts of crunch with quiet, clean amps. It works best if the amp is already overdriving and it just needs a bit more kick. Alternatively you can use this setting for a clean boost or just add a hint of extra drive.

Many of us love plugging our guitars straight into a cranked up valve amp with nothing in between them besides a cable. Unfortunately we can’t always turn our amps up high enough to hit that sweet spot where the guitar, the amp and our fingers combine to create that perfect balance of tone, sustain and touch dynamics. 
You’ve probably tried the usual vintage overdrives, modded reissues, clones and ultra expensive ‘boutique’ pretenders, but like us, you dislike the way they squash dynamics and colour your tone. Somehow overdrive pedals always make the sound seem smaller, even when it’s louder. Until now!

The Drive Thru was developed to give you that cranked valve amp sound at any volume level without compromising the feel or tone. In fact you’ll probably notice that your usual rig sounds clearer, juicier and more alive than ever before.
We’re not pretending there’s some mysterious mojo or electronic wizardry behind all this. There are only so many ways to make an overdrive pedal. The key to the incredible tone and feel of the Drive Thru is the way we build it. 

If you’ve spent money on a great guitar, hand wound pickups and a killer amp, why would you even consider routing your tone through a bunch of cheap components mounted on a flimsy PCB in a factory made pedal? The weak link is surely obvious!

Every Drive Thru is hand wired on a custom made turret circuit board just like a classic Britsh amplifier. We also use carbon composite resistors, a mixture of paper oil and silver mica capacitors and our own special cocktail of clipping diodes. Our components and op amp were carefully selected after extensive listening tests. Not all diodes sound alike - even when they have the same parts designation. We discovered that the hard way. The amp style metal jack sockets are chassis mounted with true bypass switching and super bright LEDs as standard.
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