SPECIAL FEATURES The Drive Thru controls are all mounted on the top, along with the Us/Uk voicing switch from the Crank Starter. The clean boost volume control can be mounted on either side panel of the box or between the jack sockets - check out the picures and simply specify which you’d prefer when you place your order. Each circuit has an on/off footswitch with individual LEDs. The Twin Carb has Ge/Si overdrive options and the Us/Uk voicing switch for the boost. Power is centre negative DC supply only because there’s no space inside for a battery. The enclosure has a silver grey hammertone finishe and you can choose black or cream amp-style control knobs. Just email us when you plave your order to let us know which you prefer.
WHY WE MADE IT We thought about making this pedal for quite a while. Many of our customers were reporting how they liked using their Drive Thrus for clean boost as well as overdrive. Some even bought a second Drive Thru so they could do both. 

Another customer is a player who doesn’t like using the volume control on his guitar. He asked if there was any way we could add a boost so he could use a footswitch to change his volume level. In other words he wanted “the same sound but louder”. 

The Twin Carb can be used in several ways, so you can decide what works for you.

The Twin Carb combines our acclaimed Drive Thru overdrive with our Crank Starter clean boost in a single enclosure. Both circuits are fully independant and can be used individually or together. The Twin Carb is a multi-function pedal that takes up no more space on your pedal board than a regular BB box. Think of it as two pedals in one or explore the wider gain range on offer by using the overdrive circuit to push the boost circuit into a fat creamy distortion with fantastic sustain.